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Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT comes into force in April 2019, and it’s important that VAT registered contractors are aware of the new requirements, so they can make the necessary preparations.

As with any compulsory change, there is bound to be some resistance and MTD does indeed have its critics. In general, though, as long as you’re informed and you know how it affects you, most contractors have no need to worry.

Buckinghamshire Mind

Orange Genie Group recognise that our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is vitally important to who we are as a company. Our policies ensure we rigorously adhere to the highest standards in four key areas of corporate social responsibility: the environment; health and safety; human rights, employment and ethics; and the communities in which we operate. It's important to us that we live our values and contribute by being a good and trusted neighbour.


About Advantage xPO

Advantage xPO are the workforce solutions division of Advantage Resourcing, who are one of the largest staffing firms in the world. They employ more than 150,000 contract professionals for more than 4,600 clients worldwide. 

Umbrella company

Partnering with the wrong umbrella company could be disastrous for your recruitment business, and we’re not just talking about non-compliant companies. Many key skills are in short supply, and recruiters stand or fall on their ability to attract and retain high quality workers while controlling cost and risk. If your umbrella company isn’t helping you meet the challenge it might be time for a change.


For the right people with the right skills, contracting offers great rewards, including the freedom to choose when and where you work, the opportunity to earn more money and the challenge of carving your own place in the commercial landscape. We support thousands of contractors who have left traditional employment behind, taken control of their working lives and changed their world for the better.