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Limited Company

Now self-assessment season is over, it’s time to plan how you’ll run your limited company in the year to come. The new tax year is just a few weeks away, and there are some important decisions to make before then. For example, you’ll need to decide what combination of salary and dividends you’ll use to take money out of your company. In this article, we’ll look at some of the factors you might want to consider.

MindAround one in four UK adults will experience a mental health issue this year. Workplace stress is now the single biggest cause of absence from UK workplaces. Orange Genie have made a commitment to improve staff and stakeholder wellbeing, and that meant we had to do something to safeguard and improve the mental health of our people. 

Umbrella Companies

Umbrella companies often get a bad press and it seems like we’re constantly making the same arguments in their defence. It can feel like we’re being ignored, that we’re a fragile voice of reason being drowned out by the rabid mob. It’s tempting to ask why they hate us, why they’re lying, and what’s so very bad about employing contractors anyway?

Umbrella Company

As a leading UK umbrella company, Orange Genie believe we have a responsibility to look after our contractors. You can see this in some of the services we’ve included in our contractor benefits and rewards platform, Orange Genie Edge. But while we spend a lot of time talking about what those services do, we haven’t paid so much attention to what they mean to the people using them. In this article we’ll examine the impact of two of our most important services, Personal Doctor, and Support and Counselling.


When we ask recruiters what their biggest challenge is, attracting and retaining high quality contractors is always at the top of the list. It’s a challenge that’s getting more difficult all the time, particularly in sectors where key skills are in short supply, and contractor engagement could be the answer.

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