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As many of our employees and clients have found during the Covid-19 crisis, our contractor benefits platform, Orange Genie Edge, contains a number of extremely helpful benefits and services. Edge has made surviving lockdown easier for thousands of contractors, and we’re justifiably proud of that. In this article, we’re going to focus on the collection of services behind the Fitness and Wellbeing tile on the Edge menu, and we’ll look at how they can help if you’re still in isolation, and how you can use them to speed and smooth your way back to normal life.


The UK and the world have been through a very trying time over the last few months. It’s not over yet, and many people whether they're contracting or not, are understandably concerned about the immediate future of the UK economy. Businesses have been left with difficult choices to make as they race to control the damage and adapt to this difficult and unpredictable new landscape.


Since it was announced, the Coronavirus job Retention Scheme has created a dynamic situation, which changes with each successive announcement from Government. We have sent a number of updates to our furloughed employees over the last few weeks, keeping them informed about our response to important developments, and letting them know how those decisions will affect their payments.

A great many of our employees have replied, thanking us for our efforts on their behalf, and telling us what a difference our furlough payments have made to them.


By some estimates, the Government have spent as much on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) as they do on the NHS, so it isn’t a surprise to see HMRC being granted powers to claw back some of that money through penalties on inappropriate and fraudulent claims.

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Many recruiters have been hit very hard by the Coronavirus crisis, and as we gradually emerge from lockdown, now is a good moment to take to look at how the industry has fared, and what the outlook is for the immediate future. So, how are recruiters doing, and how optimistic are they about the next few months?