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It’s impossible to have missed the news streams full of commentary around Facebook’s apparent data breach and the provision of thousands of individual’s personal data records to Cambridge Analytica. As Mark Zuckerberg continues to face some harsh questioning now seems like a good time to tell you about GDPR!

You may be aware that GDPR or The General Data Protection Regulation is due to take force from May 25th 2018 but how does this affect you?

Contractor savings

Want to take an extended holiday? Looking to take on a new challenge for a few weeks? Experiencing a slightly longer break between assignments than you hoped for? Contractors experience all of these scenarios and at some point you are bound to need or want a financial cushion to manage these periods of not earning.

Top 5 Questions


At Orange Genie Umbrella we’re always keen to provide the information our employees actually need. Based on our inbound call data, here are the top 5 questions we were asked in March 2018, along with the best answers our experts could devise.


Many contractors face difficulty securing a mortgage, mostly because high street lenders don’t understand the contracting world. When they ask for evidence of income, they’ll expect to see conventional employment. A successful and lucrative contracting career, with its many different assignments and occasional periods of downtime, can look risky and unstable to them.

Contractors who are engaged directly by agencies might also struggle to get the evidence a mortgage lender needs, particularly if they want a reference or an income statement from an employer.

Tax Avoidance

Tax avoidance and evasion has been a hot topic for a while now, and there’s a reason why we and other responsible industry experts keep bringing it up. With the usual pressure on rates and IR35 issues plaguing the public sector, many contractors are looking for ways to maximise their incomes and that makes them vulnerable.