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Umbrella Company

So, you’ve established that your contractors are working inside IR35, and you’ve wisely decided to recommend an umbrella company as the best option for them. At this point, they’re still going to need your help, because choosing an umbrella company has many pitfalls for someone who isn’t familiar with the contracting industry, or doesn’t know what to look for. So, how do you know the company you’re recommending is the best one for your contractors?

Umbrella Company

For recruiters engaging contractors inside IR35, it can be difficult to decide whether to suggest agency PAYE or employment with an umbrella company. To complicate matters further, the term “umbrella company” means different things to different people, and your contractors’ previous experience of them will vary widely.

tax avoidance

Tax avoidance schemes are still active, and still exploiting contractors. Perform a Google search for “umbrella companies” and you’ll find a number of websites offering to compare umbrella companies for you. We’ve seen similar offers being made on social media too, and this worries us. In principle, comparing loads of umbrella companies to find you the best one is not a terrible idea, but even if those websites are actually comparing real umbrella companies, they’re focusing on the wrong details and that puts you at risk.

Umbrella Company

On the surface, it may appear strange that an umbrella company would offer health and fitness advice. However, our Fitness and Wellbeing service is extremely popular, so it’s clear that our contractor employees have a genuine need for this kind of help. That’s why we decided to write this article, explaining our two main lifestyle-focused services, Your Health, and Fitness and Wellbeing.  

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Cycling 2,149 miles in 23 days. Say it quickly, and it doesn’t’ sound so hard, and besides, hundreds of people complete the Tour de France every year, so it can’t be that difficult, right?

But those people are professional athletes. They’ve been training for years, it’s the pinnacle of their careers and they have an army of support staff behind them!

So, what has possessed the otherwise brilliant and mostly sane staff here at Orange Genie to take on this challenge, to cover the distance of the Tour de France at the same time as the actual race is taking place?