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Draft legislation issued in July 2019, heralds the much talked about reform to IR35 in the Private Sector. Whilst we are disappointed that these changes are being implemented and we believe all stakeholders should continue to point out the flaws in the proposals, contractors are nothing if not pragmatic so now is the time to prepare.

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The world has changed. Much as we might be looking forward to a lifting of restrictions, a return to where we were before coronavirus is a long way away. Some experts believe we could be living with it for years to come, and whatever the “new normal” looks like, recruiters can expect some established business practices to change.


Following hot on the heels of the House of Lords damning review of the delayed Off Payroll IR35 reform, HMRC have yet again failed to persuade the judges that their interpretation of Mutuality of Obligation (MOO) is correct.


On Sunday 10th May, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced changes to the lockdown restrictions, as the first step in a staged lifting, the intention being to allow the UK to “re-open” while avoiding the danger of increasing the infection rate.

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In his announcement on Sunday 10th May, Boris Johnson said that he wanted workers who could not work from home to be “actively encouraged” to return to work and he singled out the construction and manufacturing sectors as examples.

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