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Limited Company

The key to a successful closure of your limited company is to make sure it is done the right way, minimising your tax bill and maximing your gains. In this guide, we’ll explain the options and help you decide which route is best for your circumstances.

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Following the reform of IR35 in April 2021, end clients will have to issue a status determination statement (SDS) before each contract begins. They’re not a legal requirement yet, but they are already being issued by some end clients. This is good news for contractors, because a good SDS can be very useful, giving you information about where you currently stand, and pointing you in the direction of any action you need to take.  


From April 2021, end clients who don't class as small private companies will have to assess the IR35 status of any contractors they engage. Some started the process in the run-up to April 2020 and issued status determination statements before the reform was delayed, and some better-informed clients have started assessing now in preparation for April 2021.

2020 has caused a lot of uncertainty for many contractors. With so much unsurety surrounding our incomes, our health and what the next year will look like, this year has forced us to confront our financial security in a number of ways.

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Umbrella Company

For anyone who’s paying attention, it’s clear that umbrella company employment is better for most contractors than agency PAYE. Having your own payroll comes with the responsibility of accurately deducting taxes, providing employment rights, keeping up to date with legislation, statutory payments like sick pay and mat leave.