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IR35 What You need to know

What is IR35?

In a nutshell, IR35 was intended to stop an employee finishing their job on a Friday and then coming back to work on Monday, sitting at the same desk doing the same job.

How is IR35 Determined?

Hints, tips and advice on finding out if your contract is deemed inside or outside of IR35.

What contractors need to know about IR35

In this article we’ll explain what you as a contractor need to know.

Demonstrating you are outside

If you are contracting through a limited company you cannot afford to ignore IR35

The importance of a review

IR35 reviews, what are they good for? Why do you need one?

Dust off Your Contract - Make sure your IR35 status is correct

Ensure that you understand your IR35 position before the end of the tax year.

IR35 reviews with Bauer and Cottrell

Orange Genie Accountancy work in partnership with Bauer & Cottrell to provide you with the very best and latest advice in relation to IR35.

Caught by IR35? - Orange Genie Accountancy have the complete solution

The reform of off payroll working in the Public sector left many contractors in a situation where some of their contracts will be outside, and some inside IR35.

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