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IR35 and the Private Sector

The Who’s Who of IR35: Where Responsibility Lies After April 2021

The government has now released further detail about the reform of IR35 in the Private Sector

Why Limited Company Contractors Need Evidence of Their IR35 Status

From April 2021, most contractors who trade through their own limited company will lose the right to determine their own IR35 status.

HMRC’s IR35 Fishing Expedition – What to do if you receive a letter

Towards the end of August, HMRC sent letters to approximately 1500 contractors who had worked for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Determining your IR35 status: Mutuality of Obligation

Mutuality of Obligation (MOO) is one of the key tests for employment used to determine whether a contractor is employed for tax purposes

Private-Sector IR35 Reform: How Contractors Can Protect themselves

As most UK contractors will be aware by now, the much talked-about private-sector IR35 reform is due to take place in April 2021

IR35 Reform: Why a Good SDS is Useful to Contractors

Following the reform of IR35 in April 2021, end clients will have to issue a status determination statement (SDS) before each contract begins.

What Are Your Options if You’re Inside IR35 After Off-Payroll Reform?

As April and the off-payroll reform get closer, we’re hearing from more and more contractors who have either been told that their client will determine their status as inside IR35

8 Myths About IR35 Reform

In this article we’ll tackle some of the most common myths about IR35 reform

What Are Your Options for Your Limited Company if You’re Inside IR35?

The reform of the off-payroll rules in the private-sector is coming just a few short weeks away, and responsibility for your IR35 status will pass to your end clients

The Outside IR35 Mindset

Usually, when we talk about determining IR35 status, being “in business on your own account” is classed as a secondary factor


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