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Fully Compliant Accountancy Services from an FCSA Member

Orange Genie Group, an FCSA accredited member

These are interesting times for contractors. In terms of compliance, the landscape is changing at speed as the risks of getting it wrong escalate. End clients, recruiters and contractors must take action to protect themselves and one way you can do that is by ensuring you appoint an FCSA accredited accountant

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What the title “FCSA Accredited Member” says about your accountant. 

Compliance isn’t about what you do, it’s about what you are. It lies in your culture and priorities, in your reasons for being in business and the values underpinning your decisions. FCSA Accredited Members haven’t just passed a test; they’ve demonstrated an ongoing commitment to improving standards in our industry and they’ve proved that their integrity is important to them, not just as a sales tool, but in and of itself.

Before awarding accreditation, the FCSA’s appointed, independent regulated assessors look at the culture and processes of the business. These are verified by evidence they select from any point in the last two years. Accreditation is not easy to achieve, and it’s difficult to maintain unless the necessary standards are a natural part of how you do business.

The badge that we get for achieving accreditation is a tool designed to help contractors and recruiters to find us, but it isn’t why we’re here. We didn’t join for a “kite mark” or for a competitive advantage. We’re here to make our industry better; that’s why we achieved accreditation when many others failed.


What working with FCSA Accredited Members can do for you. 

If you only work with FCSA Accredited Members, you can be sure that your accountant adheres to the most rigorous compliance standards in the industry; Not just that they passed a test and won a badge, but that there is a determination to do things properly at the heart of their business.

From Orange Genie Accountancy’s point of view, our accreditation comes as a small part of our commitment to continuous improvement, of our processes, our business and our industry. This journey has made us expert at supporting contractors and recruiters, particularly in the field of compliance and the management of legislative change. Partnership with us adds value to your business by giving you easy access to that expertise.

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