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Mortgages and Wealth Management

Everyone has a personal goal, it may be to retire early, purchase a holiday home or pay off your mortgage but whatever it is contractors sometimes find the advisors they speak to do not understand fully their unique situation.

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Looking for contractor accountants who can help guide you? Orange Genie Accountancy work closely with CMME, a firm entirely focused on the needs of the contracting and freelancing community. As independent Financial Advisors, CMME are unique in their field.

To date, they have helped over 20,000 individual contractor clients to achieve their financial goals. A dedicated advisor will be on hand to help you save tax using a flexible contractor pension to protect your income and lifestyle via a tailored suite of insurance services.

For further information or advice on any of our wealth management services, give Orange Genie Accountancy a call and we can talk you through 01296 468 185.


If you’re looking for specialist advice regarding mortgages for independent professionals, we would wholeheartedly recommend contacting CMME. Whether you classify yourself as a contractor, freelancer or simply self-employed, CMME are able to rely on more than a decade’s worth of expertise to ensure you get the right help and the best deal.

Having helped thousands of independent professionals receive the mortgage funding they require, CMME are ready and able to help you finance your new home or property. Simply visit or call CMME directly on 01489 555 080 to get the process started.

CMME provides a highly specialised service that provides assistance, advice and mortgage offers tailored to meet the needs of contractors, freelancers and the self-employed. Proving that the financing process does not need to be as challenging as is often believed, CMME distinguish themselves from the competition by offering independent professionals mortgages that are both fair and affordable. As leaders in the field, they commit to the following four principles;

  • Receive a mortgage offer that’s based on your entire income
  • Be approved without having to provide accounts for the previous three years
  • Borrow up to five times your annualised income
  • Apply with only two forms of ID, such as passport and driving licence and a copy of your current contract

With a focus on excellent customer service and a strong desire to ensure client satisfaction, CMME are best placed to help you with your mortgage. They also provide a number of other financial services for independent professionals, including life cover and critical illness and income protection.

If you require additional information regarding mortgages for contractors, freelancers and the self employed, get in touch with the team today!

Orange Genie are not authorised to offer regulated mortgage advice. Orange Genie are introducers to CMME.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.   

CMME is a trading name of CMME Mortgages and Protection Limited. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA reg. 414798). Registered in England No. 04886692. Registered Office: Albany House, 5 Omega Park, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2QE. Please be aware that Commercial Mortgages, Overseas Mortgages and some Buy To Let Mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Calls may be recorded for training and security purposes and to improve the quality of our services.

Pensions offer one of the few remaining non-contentious tax breaks available to contractors, allowing you to transfer large amounts of your retained income before tax is deducted.

When you reach age 55, you can draw 25% of your pension pot tax-free, with the remainder now subject to new flexible drawdown rules.

Deciding on the right pension platform, investments and structure can be a daunting task and a potentially expensive one if you make the wrong decision. That’s why we’ve partnered with CMME, who provide a holistic service tailored to your needs as a contractor.

To find out how a pension can help reduce your tax bill and build a nest egg for the future click here, or give Orange Genie Accountancy a call and we can talk you through 01296 468 185.

As a contractor, the day you stop work is the day you stop getting paid.

Orange Genie have chosen to partner with CMME who offer a range of protection policies, tailored to contractor’s unique needs.

  • Company funded life insurance – Pay your life insurance through your company as a fully tax deductible expense, cutting your personal and corporation tax bill. With no benefit in kind and the benefits in trust, you can sleep easy at night knowing that your loved ones will receive 100% of the pay-out.
  • Critical illness cover – Critical illness cover will pay a lump sum on diagnosis of a specified critical illness, giving you the financial breathing space to focus on your recovery.
  • Income protection – As a contractor, you become immediately vulnerable to loss of income if you suffer an illness or injury. Income protection provides a long term monthly payment, replacing your contract income, should you become incapacitated.

To find out how much you could borrow, or to find out more click here, or please give Orange Genie Accountancy a call on 01296 468 185.

Funding my child’s university fees as a Contractor

This is a dilemma faced by many Contractors as ideally we would all like to make a contribution to our child’s university fund. The good news is that there are a number of ways that you can help them to foot what is almost certainly going to be a hefty bill. Your investment strategy will depend largely on how many years you have  before your child is due to enrol at university as this will affect the opportunity for growth on your investments.

If your child is due to start next year for example then your options for saving may be limited but there are still ways to release the money needed to help them afford rising student costs. With the estimated costs of a university education now hitting highs of £55,000, this is set to become a priority for Contractors in the years to come....

Over five years left to save…

As you have a while to save before your son or daughter packs their car and leaves for student accommodation, you can consider longer term investments such as a stocks and shares ISA which will offer you a tax efficient environment to grow their university fund. You can currently invest up to £15,240 per year in an Individual Savings Account (ISA) so Contractors should invest as much as possible up to this limit each year.

The key to ISA investment is to drip feed your contributions over the course of the year rather than invest a large lump sum at the end of the tax year. Drip feeding, referred to as pound cost averaging, will minimise your exposure to any short term fluctuations in the stock market because you would only be exposing a relatively small sum with each contribution. The fact that you have a longer time to save will also help to reduce the risk of investing in stocks and shares whilst maximising the potential for long term growth with this form of investment.

There are now Junior ISAs available which allow the parent to contribute on a child’s behalf without affecting your own ISA allowance. This could offer the ideal solution to Contractors who are looking for a long term investment as your child won’t be able to access the funds until their 18th birthday and this should coincide with their enrolment at university. Parents can currently invest up to £4,080 a year in a Junior ISA and your child won’t pay any tax on the growth on this investment. If you invest up to the annual limit in both an individual and a Junior ISA then you have the potential to save up to £19,320 per year in a tax efficient environment.

As with any long term investment, keeping on top of what’s known as ‘asset allocation’ will be the key to making sure you get the most out of your ISA. It is important to try and spread your investment across a variety of asset classes so you have exposure to stocks and shares, bonds, property, cash etc., both here and overseas. This will enable you to spread your risk and also make the most of the opportunity for growth across this wide range of assets. An Independent Financial Adviser will be able to talk you through the options available and can help you make the most of your ISA.

The Adviser will help you manage your asset allocation over the life of your investment, ensuring that your ISA always stays in line with your attitude to risk.

Less than five years to save…

If your son or daughter is fast approaching their eighteenth birthday and you have been shocked by the rising costs of a university education then it isn’t too late to help with the funding. Whilst saving a large lump sum using an ISA could be difficult in these timescales, it is still worthwhile investing up to the annual limit in the time you have left. For Contractors with a limited time frame, a cash ISA will undoubtedly offer the safest environment for your investment as you won’t be affected by fluctuations in the markets.

If you are already using up your ISA limit and are looking for other ways to raise the cash then you could consider remortgaging your property to release a lump sum to help cover the costs. Thanks to funding for lending, remortgage rates have dropped to their lowest level since the credit crunch struck in 2008 and Contractors are currently saving thousands of pounds a year on their mortgage repayments by switching to a lower rate.

This could therefore offer the ideal solution as you could raise a lump sum for your son or daughter whilst potentially lowering your own monthly outgoings. The mortgage advisers at CMME will search the whole of the market to find you the best rate and will take care of the remortgage process for you so you benefit from all of the savings with none of the hassle. 

Contractors using their pension to release funds for their child’s university fees

Contractors who are approaching age 55 or are already over this age could consider releasing a tax free lump sum of up to 25% from your pension pot. There is also no obligation to retire when you release the lump sum so you can carry on contributing until you are ready to hang up your contracting hat. However, it is important to consider the effect this would have on your retirement nest egg as taking 25% now could have an impact on the income you will be able to draw out when you decide to retire.

Alternative ways to help your child afford their university experience

One of the largest outlays for a student is accommodation costs, particularly for those that decide to go to university in a major city. Contractors can help their children with these costs and also build a long term investment income by opting to purchase a buy to let property for the child to live in whilst studying. They rent out the remaining bedrooms to friends or fellow students so you could earn an income off the property whilst your child lives there.

A buy to let mortgage is entirely separate from your own residential mortgage and is assessed largely on the estimated rental income for the property that you are purchasing. Choosing a property in a popular student quarter of the city means that you can be confident of finding tenants for the life of your investment so you could choose to keep your buy to let property long after your son or daughter decides to move on. You can choose to take out a Home of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) mortgage which would enable you to rent out each bedroom in the house separately to multiple tenants. This would save your child the hassle of finding friends to take on the other rooms and managing the tenants as you could employ a lettings agent to manage the other rooms for you.

You should also look at the loans and grants available from the Government which may help your child to cover their university years on their own. Every British student is entitled to a tuition fee loan which will cover the £9000+ per year tuition fees for their chosen course and they will only need to pay this back once they are earning over £26,000 per year after they graduate. If they never earn over £26,000 then they never repay the loan and as this isn’t calculated based on parents earnings, your child should be entitled to receive this help.

Maintenance loans are also available which can help towards your child’s living expenses at university but this portion of the student loan is means tested based on the parents household income. If your household income is below average then your child may also be eligible for a means tested grant which they won’t have to pay back so it is worth investigating the options open to your child before they apply for a course.

Fundamentally, parents must consider whether it would make financial sense to help their child through university or whether it is more pressing a need to invest in their own financial future. Your child is likely to have another fifty years to pay off their student debts and will only be liable to do so once they are earning over £26,000 per year, whereas you may only have a small number of years left before your retirement date and perhaps retirement planning should take priority.

In a lot of cases, Contractors will try and find a balance between these two conflicting priorities so to speak to an Adviser about the all options available call CMME on 0333 370 8888 



Whether you want to maximise your investment returns, save for the future or ensure that your estate is properly structured for your loved ones, your own dedicated wealth manager will not only put you on the right track but will also ensure you remain on the right path as your circumstances and needs change.

Orange Genie has partnered with CMME’s sister company Contractor Wealth, who offer a holistic wealth management service covering every aspect of your financial life plan, from investments and ISAs to inheritance tax planning and protection.

To find out how a pension can help reduce your tax bill and build a nest egg for the future click here, or give Orange Genie Accountancy a call and we can talk you through 01296 468 185.

The value of pensions and investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change.

Contractor Wealth Management Limited. Registered in England and Wales under No. 07773485. 5 Omega Park, Alton, Hampshire, England, GU34 2QE Contractor Wealth Management Ltd is an appointed representative of Quilter Financial Planning Limited and Quilter Mortgage Planning Limited, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

Why Orange Genie Accountancy?

Orange Genie Accountancy offers fixed fee accountancy packages to contractors and freelancers. Each client has unlimited access to their own dedicated approachable and friendly accountant. All Orange Genie Accountancy accountants are specialists in the contracting market, so they can give you bespoke, high quality advice.

We will always keep you informed about anything that could affect you and your company. Our relationships with our clients are extremely important to us so we'll be in touch often, whether it be face to face, over the telephone or email.

Our packages start at £75 + VAT a month for an online service. Our most popular package is £120 + VAT a month which provides you with your very own dedicated accountant as well as:

  • Unlimited accountancy support
  • Face to face meetings so we can get to know you and understand your contracting goals
  • Proactive contact
  • Director and employee payroll
  • Annual Return
  • Self-Assessment Return
  • A fully compliant service so you are safe in the knowledge that you are meeting your legal obligations

​And much more, includingaccess to wealth management advice, IR35 reviews and pensions planning. 

If you would like to appoint Orange Genie Accountancy as your accountants please either fill out our enquiry form or give one of our friendly expert accountants a call on 01296 468 185 or email

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